Building the Future

Daylite Dimensions

High quality design services. Superb craftsmanship.

It is our pleasure to introduce our company and our quality line of home improvement products. Our company’s goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients through high quality design services and superb craftsmanship. We have built a strong reputation based on customer satisfaction with 18 years experience in sunroom additions and custom remodeling.


Design & Engineering

We provide the drawings and engineering specifications as required for your project.

Permits & Inspections

We obtain all required permits, schedule and meet the inspectors at the job site.

Demolition & Removal

We remove/relocate existing structures, landscape, plumbing as needed for the new project.

Concrete & Foundations

We Install new concrete foundations as required, including vapor barrier, sand and gravel and rebar to the existing foundation or dwelling.

Materials & Installations

We install the project materials as needed, providing the succession of each step.

Lumber & Sheet Rock

We install lumber and sheetrock over exiting siding or stucco, texture and paint. Install A/C units, Heating, Pellet Stoves. Install track lighting and ceiling fans.


Electrical Wiring & Equipment

We install new single or double 20 amp connections to the main panel, providing independent power to the project and its components as required.

Tile & Flooring

We provide and Install tile, carpet or hardwood flooring services to the concrete or deck of each project. We also Stamp and acid stain our new concrete for a finish look.

Materials, Labor & Warranties

We provide warranties for our materials and labor. Your satisfaction is guaranteed to your project completion. Each job site is broom swept and debris removed daily. We respect your neighbors and start and complete each day at a reasonable time.


What we Do

Interior & Exterior Design

We ensure the successful completion of every sunroom, patio cover, patio room, wall system, conservatory, skylite and concrete project for our clients, thereby establishing relationships that will continue long into the future.

Let’s Build Something

We provide complete project installations, including design, engineering, permits, demolition, concrete, decks, sheetrock, tile, flooring, and warranties!

Carl Rodrigues- President
Ca. Lic #901700
(209) 480-1995